About PhonoText® ...

PhonoText is a company based in The Netherlands offering consultancy services on a broad range of information and communication technologies.

In particular we specialise in Web-based applications in design, implementation, testing and quality control.

We are also an institution dedicated to support the promotion of Sinhala use in electronic devices, like mobile and desktop devices.
In this particular endeavour, we are pleased to offer the two products to the public from our expanding repertoire of Sinhala-supported utility software.

We are currently working on Sinhala-supported educational and document and media management software for both desktop and mobile devices.

The Sinhala pages of this Web site were developed entirely with the aid of our product: Unikura

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Web design: Savani Silva
Technical Assistance: Martin Berkers, Harin Silva
Field testing: Brig. Tissa Tillakaratne
Translations: Brig. Tissa Tillakaratne, Louis Jayawardane

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