PhonoText Product Registration

How to Register Savanakura

Savanakura does not require registration with PhonoText. Registration is implied when you purchase Savanakura from the Google Play store.

Savanakura Demo Version does not require any registration either.

How to Register Unikura

You obtain Unikura from our Web site. For that, you can visit: this link. This page will also guide you in its installation.

Once installed, registration of Unikura involves two steps:

Step 1: Obtaining the Unikura Registration Number
Unikura comes with a free trial of 20 uses, at the end of which, you have to register your computer by officially purchasing it from PhonoText for its continued use.

During this trial period, you can try out all the features available in the Unikura(යුනිකුර) package. You can read registration instructions by entering the
"How to Register?"
screen via the
"Help" option.

This screen provides you with a Personal Identifier of the form: 0016BFEBFBFF000206A7 which will be unique to your computer.

You should keep this unique Identifier in a safe place as it can be reused for later re-installation of Unikura(සවනතුර) for whatever reason that may me required on a later date.
Then E-mail it to us at PhonoText to obtain your registration key.

Unikura Step 2: Entering the Registration Number
Enter the received 16-character Registration Key using the 'Help/Enter Registration Key' option.

When you register you can receive news of future updates as well as get access to all the features of the product

To register Unikura, you need the Registration Number you receive from PhonoText. Registration proceeds via the "Register Here" screen reached via the "Help/Register Here" menu options.

You enter enter the Registration Number in the "Enter your Registration " box.
To register, enter the Registration Number in the "Enter your Registration Number" box. Then specify whether you agree with the Terms and Conditions.

You are invited to read the Terms and Conditions by clicking on the Please Read Terms and Conditions" button.

If you choose to agree by choosing "Agree" button, another button titled "Register" to invite you to proceed. Click on that button to proceed.

If the Registration Number was correctly entered and the registration was attempted on the same machine as the one that gave you the Personal Identifier, you will receive a message indicating success.
You can leave the screen by clicking on the "Close" button.

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