About Unikura

Unikura is a software package targeted at Windows-supported personal computers - desktops and laptops.

This is a software packet designed to support Sinhala Unicode fonts, for creating Sinhala documents, via phonetic codes, typing via standard PC keyboards.

The users can direct the generated Sinhala output to any text document (formatted or unformatted), spread sheet document or any visual of choice.

It is offered for machines that run on Windows operating systems, particularly:

User-friendliness and convenience have been the primary motivations behind the design and its implementation. Extensive help facilities, both in Sinhala and in English, are provided within the software package.

Phonetic keys to Sinhala glyph translation follows the standard: 'THE SLS 1134: 2011 SINHALACHARACTER CODE FOR INFORMATION INTERCHANGE' established by the Sri Lanka Standards Institution (SLSI), 17, Victoria Place, Elvitigala Mawatha, Colombo, Sri Lanka. (Web address...)

While some target document creation software supports the Unicode fonts in full, some seem to offer only partial support. For instance the strokes (Pili), al-lakuna,Yansaya, repaya, rakaransaya, combined letters, kombuwa etc., may not appear correctly.

It has been discovered that, for full Unicode support, among others, the best complete application suite is the 'OpenOffice™' suite offered by the Apache Software Foundation. It is available free, and is also free of licensing constraints.

OpenOffice can be downloaded from the OpenOffice Web site. OpenOffice suite can be used successfully as an alternative to Windows™ MSOffice™ suite. For those who are not familiar with the package, here are the parallels between the two suites:

For all practical purposes, OpenOffice provides most of the features offered by the Windows MSOffice packages, more or less in the same format and choices.

Unikura is offered for a trial use of 20 activations. Thereafter, to continue using the package, purchase followed by its registration is required. You may also register it prior to the expiration of its trial period. Details of how to purchase Unikura and how to register it can be views by following the links shown below.

Visit here for the User Manual: User Manual
Visit here for the Frequently Asked Questions: Unikura FAQ
Visit here for purchasing information: Purchasing Info
Visit here for product registration details: Product Registration
Visit here for the terms and conditions: Terms and Conditions
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