Products Available for Downloading

We have a number of products currently available for downloading. These products allow phonetic key code input via standard PS2 PC compatible keyboards installed on desktop as well as laptop computers in the case of desktop-targeted software, and in the case of mobile communication targeted software, via PS2-lookalike 'soft' keyboard layouts displayed on their screens.

We plan to release more products later in the year.

The two products offered here are available for downloading and trying out prior to their purchase.

More details on obtaining demonstration versions and purchasing are given on our Products page.

Unikura is a package designed for desktop and laptop computers running Windows operating systems. It works like an add-on which sits in a corner of the monitor and translates key strokes into Sinhala letters. The translated Sinhala letters can be directed to any document active on the screen. The letters can also be rendered in fonts of your choice.

The targeted operating systems are:
● Windows XP
● Windows Vista
● Windows 7
● Windows 8

Please visit this page for more details on Unikura.

Unikura can be downloaded from : here . You can also read installation instructions on the same page.

Unikura user manual: UnikuraEnglishUserManual.pdf can be downloaded from here .

Savanakura is a Sinhala typing application designed for Android supported mobile phones and tablets.

It offers you an IBM-PC style keyboard for typing messages in Sinhala. The phonetic key codes, which are intuitive, you type are translated into Sinhala thereby allowing you to create messages for sending via e-mail or SMS services available on your mobile device.

Several versions of this app, optimised for the various Android versions, are now available.

Demonstration versions of this app are available for download for you to try from our site. The main sales source for these apps is the Google Play store. You can also purchase fully operational versions from our site.

Please visit this page for more details on Savanakura.

Savanakura demonstration versions can be downloaded from : here . You can also read installation instructions on the same page.

Savanakura user manual: SavanakuraEnglishUserManual.pdf can be downloaded from here .

Other relevant and useful downloads:

a. The Sinhala Unicode specification for information exchange:

b. The font: 1090-WARNA, which is the basis for Sinhala glyph generation in the Savanakura app, the mobile package and other stylised Unicode Sinhala fonts, can be downloaded free from here .

c. "The Windows .Net Framework 4.0" software component needed for the Unikura package can be downloaded free from: here.

d. You find general notes on downloading software are available here .